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Have you ever dreamed of at a feast where relaxation and mood are beyond the false rules of etiquette? In a very special place, cuted off from everyday reality, the delicacies are saturated and the medieval scent of the place makes you want to feast with your hand, because this is the only way you can really enjoy a royal cuisine? Excalibur restaurant is the only place in Bucharest where succulent steaks, tasty pies and vintage wines are served in generous portions, as in the days of King Arthur by knights and ladies for wich the honor and reputation are above all. We welcome you to visit us for a special medieval experience!







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Carefully chosen dishes are served in generous portions as in a truly royal feast and are available in a varied menu.

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Located in downtown of Bucharest, str. Academiei nr. 39-41, Excalibur Restaurant already has the reputation of being known both for unique medieval experience offer, but also for portions of delicious food, carefully prepared menus for two, four or six people. The novelty lies in the fact that cutlery are optional. So if you want a relaxing evening in a medival note, but with food and impeccable service, Excalibur Restaurant is the ideal choice.

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